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More than 11+ years collaborating with companies to manage the risks of their organizations.

From Snap Compliance we collaborate with organizations to comply with the different regulations interposed in their country and according to the line of their business ...

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Risk Matrices Generated Monthly

Prevention of Money Laundering, Operational Risk, Maturity Models, Compliance Programs.

We develop new features 40% faster than the market average.

We are a team with more than 11 years of experience in the implementation of Systems for Monitoring the Prevention of Money Laundering and Operational Risk Management projects.

We generate quarterly updates according to the needs of our clients


What solutions do we offer to our clients?

Snap Compliance AntiMoney Laundering, is the Platform that allows organizations to have a tool for Monitoring for the Prevention of Money Laundering.


Snap Compliance Operational Risk, is the Platform that allows organizations to collaboratively define the inherent risks of their operation.


Snap Compliance Maturity Assessment is the platform that allows organizations to measure the level of maturity of employees, suppliers or strategic allies.



Snap Compliance Checklist es la Plataforma que le permite verificar de una forma fácil y rápido su cartera de clientes en listas de APNFDs (SUGEF), PEPs, OFAC, ONU, y más.Checklist is the platform that allows you to quickly and easily verify your client portfolio in lists of DNFBPs (SUGEF), PEPs, OFAC, UN, and more.

Our Solution

We create the platform that allows you to manage the risks of your organization

With the Snap Compliance platform you will be able to:


Clients, Employees and Suppliers prior to a contractual relationship.

To prevent

Fines and economic losses.

Strengthen and consolidate

Risk management areas.


What our clients say

More than 11 years of experience implementing regulatory software for the prevention of money laundering.

Our Clients

We have been building tools for risk management together with our clients, solve their requirements is our passion