Snap Compliance - Operational Risk

Identify and Manage the inherent risks associated with the operation of your company

Snap Compliance Operational Risk is the Platform that allows organizations to collaboratively define the inherent risks of their operation. Likewise, this tool makes it possible to link the risks defined with the strategic objectives of the company, business lines, and business processes, allowing, in addition, to establish the different mitigation plans or action plans to follow in order to establish the controls
With this tool your Organization will be able to:
  • Define risks in a collaborative and parameterized way
  • Define mitigation plans or action plans
  • Record and follow up on Incidents and Potential Events
  • Define Metrics to track Incidents and Potential events
  • Establish heat maps for the calculation of Inherent and Residual risk
  • Define and follow up on the alerts required by the organization
  • Store and analyze Historical information

Protect reputation

Know the risk levels of your customers, suppliers and partners.


Increase profits

Managing risks could increase your profit margin.


Prevent possible fines

Prevent the application of fines for regulatory non-compliance.

Start today with a plan to Manage the Risks of your Organization

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We provide multiple benefits to your organizations

With our platform you can perform Risk Matrix Analysis of Clients, Suppliers and Employees, as well as Monitoring Alerts on a daily basis.

Risk analysis and alerts on client portfolios on a daily and automatic basis

Flexible Consumption Model

Consumer pricing model according to the size and requirements of the organizations

Easy Integration

Integration through APIs with the internal systems of the organizations

Our Clients

We have been building tools for risk management together with our clients, solve their requirements is our passion