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We easily adapt to different lines of business, depending on the country and the needs of the organizations

If you are thinking about how to prevent money laundering and manage operational risk in your organization, it is possible to find software that will help you manage everything you need today, and more. Contact us and our experts will explain.

We are in different types of Industry

Nowadays, organizations face a series of challenges depending on the sector in which they operate, among these we can mention the identification, evaluation and monitoring of possible risks associated with its operations.

On the other hand, many sectors must also comply with different rules and regulations, in addition to having to generate reports periodically; this in order to be able to operate and also improve the productivity of your business.

It is for this reason that we have created our Snap Compliance platform, which is coupled to different types of Industry, and from which we are already collaborating with organizations to achieve your goals in an agile and simple way.

Currently our headquarters is located in Costa Rica, and we serve clients in different countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Salvador and Venezuela..

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Our Team is ready to collaborate with your business. Learn about the different plans we offer according to the size of your Organization.

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Sectors where we are

Strengthen and consolidate Risk Management of your organization according to the sector in which it is located.


Snap Compliance Financial Sector, represents one of the sectors where more organizations have joined our clients. In this sector we find Cooperatives, Investment Funds, among others; which seek to strengthen the risk culture in their organization, through the identification, control and monitoring of alerts, thus mitigating the occurrence of risks that may affect its operation.


Snap Compliance Fintech Sector, represents one of the sectors in which we seek to expand our clients. In this sector we find companies that offer financial products and services through the use of information technologies, such as mobile payment systems, person-to-person loans, collective financing, among others; and who are looking for a tool to implement good practices in risk management and mitigate the occurrence of an event that may affect your operation.


Snap Compliance Insurance Sector, represents one of the fastest growing sectors and which we seek to continue promoting. In this sector we find different Insurers and Insurance Brokers that must comply with the regulations in risk management in order to minimize the probability of occurrence of an incident through the control and monitoring of detected alerts.


Snap Compliance Trust Sector, we find organizations that provide financial instruments for different purposes such as investment, guarantees, wills, savings, among others; and which in the same way can be exposed to some operational, reputational, asset laundering or other risk. This is why good risk management is important with which can mitigate the probability of occurrence and in the same way comply with the regulations that correspond to them.

Our Clients

We have been building tools for risk management together with our clients, solve their requirements is our passion