Snap Compliance - Industries

We easily adapt to different lines of business

We have positioned our Snap Compliance platform in different types of Industry, and thus we have allowed organizations to achieve their objectives in an agile and simple way.
Currently our headquarters is located in Costa Rica, and we serve clients in different countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Our Clients

We have been building tools for risk management together with our clients, solve their requirements is our passion

Sectors where we are

Snap Compliance Financial Sector, represents one of the sectors where more organizations have joined our clients. In this sector we find Cooperatives, Investment Funds, among others.



Snap Compliance Fintech sector, represents one of the sectors in which we seek to expand our clients. In this sector we find companies that offer financial products and services through the use of information technologies, such as mobile payment systems, person-to-person loans, collective financing, among others.


Snap Compliance Insurance Sector, represents one of the fastest growing sectors and which we seek to continue promoting. In this sector we find different Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers.


Snap Compliance Trust Sector, we find organizations that provide financial instruments for different purposes such as investment, guarantees, testamentary, savings, among others.

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